We’re living in proto-Atlantis, and we all kind of know, but have a hard time truly believing it.  Mario Alejandro Ariza summarizes the scale of the threat in an article for Yale Environment 360: “Five to 6 feet of sea level rise by 2100 is likely, and likely catastrophic: An inundation of this magnitude would physically displace some 800,000 residents of Miami-Dade County — nearly a third of the current population — and render a large portion of the city uninhabitable.” Living here will increasingly mean living with more water. We’ll look at Florida’s existing aquatic architecture, above and below the sea, with a focus on Stiltsville, houseboats, and underwater labs and lodges. We’ll see how other coastal regions are coping with rising waters, to see if the amphibious houses in the Mississippi floodplain can be adapted for local use, or if we can learn from farming communities that have shifted to aquaculture as their soil becomes saltwater marshland. 

  • Stilted and Raised Homes
  • Amphibious houses
  • Floating Homes and Houseboats
  • Aquaculture and floating farms
  • Underwater Speculative Projects
  • Managed Retreat

  • Stiltsville
  • Aquarius Reef Base
  • Arkup
  • The Aquatic Pod Suite
  • Jacques Cousteau’s underwater colonies
  • Jacques Rougerie 
  • Aqua Villas at Mangrove Marina
  • Miami Floating Housing Competition