We cannot begin building without a site analysis, and we’ll conduct that very broadly, with a look at how the local land (and water, and air) is used by other species as habitat. Development and conservation have been generally understood as opposing actions, but we’re seeking to usher in a new era for Florida where the spaces we create benefit people and other species alike. To start that process, we have to understand the different kinds of habitats throughout South Florida, and how we can emulate, rewild, or conserve existing habitat. We’ll look at emergent animal architects, and the shelters and spaces created by them. We’ll grieve the unimaginable loss of local species, and celebrate the projects underway to conserve what’s left, and restore what’s been damaged. Lastly we’ll learn ways we can create more habitat in our own yards, or on our own balconies, to begin to enact some multispecies design.