Symbiotic House is a project catalyzed by Lee Pivnik in 2022 to research and develop adaptive architectural solutions to Miami’s environmental precarity, and to conceptualize and design a “multi-use space for multi-species survival”. The project’s aim is to reimagine the home as a potential site for climate care, an active hub for offsetting carbon emissions, rewilding landscape, supporting biodiversity, and adapting to environmental change. Symbiotic House will ultimately manifest as a living earthwork that functions as a regenerative shelter and center for interdisciplinary art and ecology research in South Dade.

The project intends to broaden the design process so that the space emerges organically through communal workshops, open research, and constant feedback. It is meant to invite the local community of South Florida into a collective act of dreaming up new practices for how to best adapt to the intersecting climate and housing crises, so that the people living at the epicenter of these issues are treated as the experts in mitigating them.  

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Using the AI software “MidJourney” to generate images from text, I've collected responses from people across Miami asking them to share their dreams for how to best live with the changing climate and environment.

Participants describe a kind of dwelling or instance for the city where the built environment and the surrounding ecosystem are colliding more directly. Scenarios could be catastropic, innovative, utopian, or just plain fun.

What emerged was a reflection of the collective hopes, dreams, fears, and anxieties the city faces around climate adaptation.

“Blueprint for an amphibious house”

“A contemporary chickee built from melaleuca and Australian pine, clad in iguana and python skin” 

“A house made of interconnected limestone domes, connected by mangrove roots”

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